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Our Hop Valley Seltzer takes on a refreshing new look!

The Hop Valley Seltzer brand has taken on a new look with the brand refresh and key messaging focusing on the unique features of this high quality and healthy beverage product.

The team at Hop Valley and Heads of Noosa Brewing Co. has also matched a new style label, logo and packaging with a new look &

feel to the colour palette.

Why the Hop Seltzer evolution?

The main drive behind this refresh is the story of what Hop Valley represents as a brand and Hop Seltzer offers as a unique product in the

busy beverages market.

Benefits to the consumer

Hop Valley Seltzer is the only true zero sugar, zero calorie and zero alcohol hop seltzer made in Australia.

Clarifying the message

Hop Valley is not a non-alcoholic brewed beer, it’s a seltzer. Simplified, Hop Seltzer is a carbonated filtered water,

naturally infused only with hops.


Hop Valley is also a very versatile beverage.

It can be enjoyed as a mixer, or even with cold brew coffee!

Cheers from the Hop Valley team.

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