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What are Hops? | The Hop Valley FAQs

Updated: Nov 7, 2022

If you're anything like me, you may have known that Hops are a key ingredient in beer... and that's about it. So what exactly are hops?

These little buds of goodness are largely responsible for creating stability in a beer BUT little did I know, they are also the source of the delicious floral, fruity, citrus flavours you find in a good brew.

Grown in hop fields or hop yards all around the world, the quirky flowers that are hops, bloom to look like mini artichokes (pictured above). As a part of the Cannabinaceae family, Hops are like the very distant cousin of hemp & marijuana. Although used for a different purpose, it is said that they may have similar health benefits to their estranged family members, such as assistance with insomnia, anxiety & general wellness.

Occasionally a beer nerd or two will throw in a "you can really taste the hops in this one", but they're actually a very hard flavour to define. The guys at Hops Australia do a pretty good job but if you ask me, it's similar to a grapefruit. Sparkling grapefruity goodness, that's Hop Valley Seltzer..

There's a whole lot more to these punchy little flowers so stay tuned to the blog for all the latest info!

Cheers for now

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