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Mindful Drinking is here to stay.

Updated: Nov 7, 2022

Why mindful drinking is here to stay!

The sober curious and mindful drinking trends have gained traction over the past few years and people are getting onboard for the ride. Increasing numbers of people are swapping alcohol for alcohol free alternatives, including Hop Valley Seltzer and with so many choices available, this trend is set to stay.

A growing interest

According to stats, alcohol consumption has decreased in Australia to the lowest seen in 50 years. People are turning their back on regular drinking and exploring other options. During lockdown this exploration appeared to peak.

Research by Lyre’s revealed that Google searches for non-alcoholic cocktails and alcohol-free alternatives increased by 78 per cent over the past year. Similarly, in the past 12 months the market share of non-alcoholic beer grew by 101 per cent.

Tastes the same, smells the same

The days when alcohol free alternatives were taste free and fun free are long gone. Nowadays, most consumers struggle to tell the difference between a non-alcoholic drink and the real deal.

Brands have invested time and money creating delicious alcohol-free drinks that look, smell, and taste like your favourite drink, only better. Why? Because these drinks come with the promise of no hangover. Cracking open a cold one has never felt so good.

Goodbye hangxiety and regret

Hangxiety and regret are often cited as the main reason why people choose to cut down on their drinking. Results from the 25-nation Global Drug Survey (GDS) 2020 showed 27 per cent of Australian respondents regretted getting drunk.

Unsurprisingly, people are choosing to say goodbye to hangxiety. Swapping their usual tipple for a non-alcoholic alternative is a guaranteed way to do this. In fact, many of our consumers tell us that their only regret is not doing it sooner.

A healthier you

Health and wellbeing are a priority for many of us, particularly since lockdown.

Overall, Australians are keen to lose weight, eat healthier and give up those bad habits. Cutting down on alcohol contributes positively to all of these.

Mindful drinking means you sleep better, have more energy, improved mental health, avoid unnecessary weight loss, and have an improved immune system. Waking up fresh the next morning also means that you’re less likely to skip the gym or reach for those fatty and sugary foods.

Love and health,

Irene Falcone

Owner of Sans Drink

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